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"Sandy is a joyous, generous, and fun loving woman.  And she knows how to teach Nia.  She reminds us to do only what we can so we don't injure ourselves.  She demonstrates levels 1, 2, and 3 within the flow of the dancing.  And best of all, she has made me/us laugh innumerable times throughout the many varied dances.  I leave her classes with an achy face from continuous smiling...I look forward to the next dance with Sandy and the other equally addicted participants."      Anne C. Field, LCSW, Age 63

"I happened upon Sandy's Nia class when trying out an unlimited month at a new studio, and I remember her saying that we would probably find ourselves smiling or laughing uncontrollably as we danced.  I was skeptical, but she was right--it was the most fun I'd had "exercising" in my life.  More importantly, Sandy has helped me understand movement and dance in a completely new way--how it feels in the body and what it does for the mind, not how it is supposed to look for an observer.  Nia practice develops grace and strength for the inner self that radiates into the community and universe through its practitioners.  Sandy embodies this grace and strength in her teaching and her passion for sharing this craft is contagious--you will leave feeling calm, connected, and energized!  "

Cortney E. P. Holles,Teaching Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines

"Nia has been a wonderful addition to the schedule at Studio B Evergreen Yoga ...many students have come to the Studio solely for Nia and have loved it so much that they come back every week.  Sandy's style is loving, upbeat, welcoming, accepting and purely authentic.  We are so grateful that she shares the JOY of Nia, and soon Qi Gong, in our space...her light shines so incredibly bright and it lights up all of those around her."  ~ Kathryn Mitchem, Owner 

"Having had brain surgery due to a Traumatic Brain Injury, NIA gave me another tool for healing. The movements got the energy flowing and the healing that followed help balance and center myself.  Sandy Mighell the instructor, brings her whole Spirit to the class. She puts all her energy and love for the Art of NIA and Qigong into everyone who attends the class. I recommend it to anyone who is need of healing on any level, or just wants to get up and move."  ~ CoCo Saltzgiver, author of the book "The Forgotten Temple."

"NIA (neuromuscular integrative action) is a great program for any level of fitness.  It was my 'go to' exercise program after recovering from both my hip replacement surgeries.  I cannot recommend it enough as a fun way to stay in shape.  You may do the NIA routines as vigorously as you want or as easy as you want depending on your fitness level or mood.  I always come away from a NIA class invigorated and happy, and the next day I feel worked out but in no way sore.  In my opinion that is a real bonus.   Sandy Mighell is one of my favorite NIA teachers that I have had in the 10 years I have been taking NIA.  She leads the class in such a safe, non-judgmental and empathetic way.  The classes she teaches are never about her, they are all about how she can give you a feeling of well-being. She is also so fun, I am always laughing.  I am grateful to have found her."    ~ Pat D.

"My best experiences with Nia are when the music and movement make me feel like spring is all around me and I am dancing in nature, even if it is winter. I guess those are the times when my juices are flowing.  I stand straighter after Nia."  R. Brown

"...thank you for bringing the free spirited woman out of the introvert every week in your NIA class! You make exercise fun and I love the music."    ~ D. Fitzgerald

"I was very struck at how they all moved with more ease as the class went on, and the increased sense of joy in the room."    ~ Feedback from a corporate client watching one of my recent classes

"Sandra Lynn, you're such a HAM."  ~ Heard from my mother, after attending my Nia class for the first time. (OK, I threw this in just for fun.  Here's a pic of me and my awesome Momma...)

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